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Mazda3 04-08 Part Numbers:

(Please Verify before ordering from your Mazda Dealer)

Cabin Air filter : BP8P-61-J6X or BP4K-61-J6X
Diffuser part # : BN8P-61-J6X
Oil filter Cartridge For 2.3L : L321-14-302
Oil Filter for 2.0L: LF05-14-302
Large "O" Ring: LF01-14-312
Small "o" Ring: 9XG0-77-18X0
Oil Plug Gasket: 9956-41-400
OEM Air Filter: LF50-13-Z40A
K&N Air Filter Replacement: 33-2293
Conversion Kit for 2.3L Cartridge to 2.0L Spin on:
LF01-14-342 (Gasket) & L301-14-311 (Oil Filter Body)
New rear pads (TSB) are B3YP-26-48Z
Oil Filter & O-Rings package deal from dealer is Part # L321-14-302-9U
Purolator Oil filter Cartridge and O-Rings For 2.3L. Purolator Part # L15505
Mazda 3 Coin holders - Japan Part #G22C-55-225
Upper center dash panel - Part# B32H5531XE
2.3L WIX oil filter cartridge with o-rings - Part # 57203
2007 Clear third brake light (Sedan) - Part# BS4J51580

Underbody Splash Shield - Part# BP4K-56-111L

k&n air filter (pn 33-2293)

I have a 2006 Mazda3 2.3L S model sedan.  My rear brake pads are:

Model# BPYK=26-48ZB

Lining Maker = Galfer, Lining Type = 4132, Brake Type = Mazda (BK & CR) / Rear Axle / Disc Diameter 265, 280, & 302.  Made in
Germany, Description:  Pad Set, List Price:  85.82


1 Cleaner Assy, Air
    w/Calif Emission LF67-13-320A
    w/o Calif Emission LF50-13-320B
2 Cover Assy, Upper
    w/Calif Emission LF67-13-Z1X
    w/o Calif Emission LF50-13-Z1X
3 Cover, Upper (a)
    w/Calif Emission LF67-13-Z01A
    w/o Calif Emission LF50-13-Z01B
4 Collar  (a) LF50-13-Z11
5 Nut, Clip (a) FB01-50-133C
     (a) Included w/Upper Cover Assy
6 Element, Cleaner  LF50-13-Z40A
7 Case, Lower LF50-13-Z02B
   Included w/Air Cleaner Assy
8 Duct, Fresh Air LF50-13-201B
9 Baffle, Air Intake LF50-13-204B
10 Meter Assy, Air Flow ZL01-13-215R-00
11 O-Ring, Meter  ZL01-13-214
      Included w/Air Flow Meter Assy
12 Hose, Air LF67-13-221
13 Chamber, Resonator LF50-13-195A


2.3L WIX oil filter part # 57203 comes with both o-rings!

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