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AstroBlaster Walkthrough

Well here I am waiting in line.  BUZZ LIGHT YEAR debriefs you how to defeat the robots and Zurg!  If you got a fast pass, well the pass takes you pretty much to this room and you'll only have a 5-8 minute wait before getting on the ride.  VERY NICE!!!  Right now is the time to observe the people behind you.  I'd estimate that if you've got any wheel chair people waiting behind you at least 10 people back, you're in for a real treat!!!  The ride will stall to let that handicap person on the car.  Then you can stay stationary and blast the nearest target as many times as possible.  ZAP ZAP ZAP!!

Astroblasters is a sit down cart ride at Disneyland where there is a constant conveyor movement of carts that seat two.  Each person gets a laser gun they can aim anywhere they want.  There is a small green site that comes in very handy and I highly suggest you figure out where the red laser dot shoots relative to your green sight track as soon as possible.  This way when there are 3+ people shooting at the same target, you can use your green sight track rather than depend on the red dots blinking everywhere.

On the car there's a small joystick that lets you rotate the car.  Please use this function to better situate yourself to fire at the valuable targets longer.  I'd say that my car is usually toed slightly to the left most of the time, but sometimes I do turn right to hit a triangle after I pass it.

The goal is to shoot targets to rack up as many points as you can.  If you are lucky enough to score really high, you can be ranked for the day.  At the end of the ride, your picture will be taken along with your score.  You can then email yourself the picture along with your score to show it off to all of your friends.  If you are good enough to be ranked, then the computer will ask you to input your initials or nickname so you can be posted on the web for the world to see your high score.

In the morning, I suspect that if you score above 500K you might be ranked top 30.  If you score over a million you'll easily be top 10.  During the afternoon/evening at peak hours, there will be a lot of ride stalls due to handicap people getting on the ride.  (Or technical difficulties)  Then all the lucky people get to sit there and blast away at the nearest high target for easy points...

Targets look like this.  Buzz says If they light up, they're worth more points!!!  Here's a quick breakdown:

Round Target: 100 points
Square Target: 1000 points
Diamond Target: 5000 points
Triangle Target: 10,000 points

Now that you know this, I want you to ONLY go after the triangles and Diamonds.  If you shoot a round target well I hope it was a "miss" because they are sort of a waste of time.


The first room has this orange robot you'll see.  Shoot the triangles on his hands for 10K a pop.  Once you pass him, turn the car around and shoot the back of his right hand for more points.

Normally I don't see things like this, I think it's because there's a jack in the box that I shoot.  Once you shoot the box, the lid pops open and on the inside of the lid there's a target.  Shoot that target and the alien comes out with a nice triangle target.  Blast that triangle target as many times as possible!!!  I heard that at the Magic Kingdom (Disney World) there's supposed to be some mega point targets, and one of the ultra difficult targets is between the orange dice pictured on the left...  Another is the top of the Volcano, etc...  GOOGLE is your friend!  Anyways ready yourself for the next room because your next target is going to be the size of a PEA.
The first Zurg you'll see is the MOMENT OF TRUTH.  LO! AND BEHOLD, THE FIRST ZURG ENCOUNTER.  I'd like you to focus on the tiny sensor between the breast plates on his chest.  It's like the size of a penny, dark and hard to see, but if you shoot it dead on, your score will JUMP 100,000 points each shot.  It is these hard to find black dots that are going to make or break your score...  If you discover more, let me know and I'll update my walkthrough. :)
Here's the monster merry go round.  There's a Triangle on the inside of the circle.  Blast away yet keep an eye out for ultra bonus targets too.  :)
This triangle is hard to shoot because it's blocked.  I normally don't hit this target that much cause it's so far but feel free to hit if you can.
In the tunnel there are a few targets that are black, that flash an outline in red periodically.  One time the ride broke down when I was in this tunnel so I shot one over and over till I passed a million points.  Then my score went blank, all the lights turned on and a ride attendant had to open everybody's car to let them out.  My score didn't count.  :(

There's 2 targets on the ceiling, one on the left and I think two on the right.  Try to shoot them all dead center on the black dot.

The final Zurg battle, I try to go for the dot in the chest plate again, but he's much furthar away so I'm usually better off hitting the triangles.  This has the easiest to hit triangle though right behind Zurg's left shoulder.  Blast that triangle, because this is pretty much the last opportunity for your score to jump.  The next room will have a figurine toy box you can shoot a circle a few times till the guns power down.  There's also another "Jack in the box" type of toy that you hit a circle for a triangle to pop out.  Then you're practically point blank with this target so blast it away.
Now that the ride is over, you can see if you're a galactic hero.

In my lifetime I've been on this ride 5 times.  The score below is my 3rd time going on the ride.  The 4th time I went on the ride I took pictures for the walkthrough.  The 5th time I helped my wife score high and she got over 170K which is her all time best.

Pictured Below is what it will look like when a Disney Employee has to manually release you from your car because the ride shut down.  This shot was taken inside the tunnel right before the final Zurg battle.

The first time I went on the ride it broke down so it was a DNF, though if it did finish I would have broke a million and the ride would have been 20 minutes long instead of 6.5 minutes long!

Anyways, below is a picture of me on the right, one eye over the site, paintball trigger finger for super fast firing.  My wife is on my right...  Notice her unorthodox centering of the gun between both her eyes.  I don't suggest that unless you want TWO red dot targets instead of one and want a score that barely breaks 100K.  haha

Anyways Good luck space rangers.  Try the free video game if you want or if you going Disneyland, make sure you try and become a Galactic Hero.  Good luck and keep firing at those tiny black dots.

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