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WRX Headlight Bulbs (H7)

This walkthrough will give you confidence in performing one of the most basic maintenance items: replacing the headlight bulb.  This task was performed on a 2006 WRX.

Tools needed:


10mm socket wrench


Bulb Size:  H7

1. First order of business is to remove the intake scoop by removing (2) 10mm bolts that hold it down.

2.  Locate a black cap that looks like this and unscrew.  Picture shown is for the Passenger side

3. Locate the black cap on the Driver side and remove by unscrewing


4.  You should see a black harness that looks like this.  Pull it out and replace the bulb. 

CAUTION:  Be very careful not to touch the bulb itself.  Always handle it by the metal base or with a clean glove.  The oil from your hands may burst the bulb into pieces at high temp levels or decrease the bulb life.  You donít want Shards of glass all over in your headlight housing! 

5.  Screw the caps back on.  Bolt the intake scoop back on.  Fin.

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