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End Grain Butcher Block by Chris Tsutsui

I had extra hard maple left over from my Maple Hall Table so I decided to make a series of "brick" inspired butcher blocks.  3 in total, one belongs to each of my grandparents and one to my mother.  To personalize this block I tried heating up metal letter punches with a blow torch and scorching my initials in a test piece.  This only worked "ok".  What I ended up doing was hammering the punches to engrave my initials and year into the block, and then filling the groove with permanent ink.  Afterwards I sealed the ink in with butcher block sealant.  (Known as:  The Good Stuff)


bulletAlternating pattern end grain rock maple
bulletFinish: two coats of The good stuff
bulletEdges: 1/4" roundover bit
bulletCorners:  Rounded with 9" disc sander
bulletBoard width just fit in my 12" planer.  If you look carefully you can see planar markings adjacent to the number 9.  I didn't sand the top too much because a butcher block is going to be chopped on anyways. One tip is to plane the surface before cutting to side.  To crosscut this board to size I was able to use my 10" hitachi sliding compound miter saw.  I did not need to use a table saw except for ripping the small boards.  I used a jointer as well before glue-up.
bulletWood glue used was Titebond III waterproof glue, clamp construction.
bulletDimensions:  18.5" x 11.5" with a thickness of 1".
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