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This camber link is recommended for those cars that lower the rear more than 1 inch.  It adds adjustability to the rear camber (Or makes the rear tires not lean towards the middle as much) when you lower your vehicle.

They adjust by twisting a screw and then there's a nut and set screw in the nut that locks the camber link in position.

The pretty Box it came in...

I got the eibach camber link pair for like $130, and then I painted them red with caliper paint so the alignment tech could spot it easier.  Although no pics of it in my car, I did take the pics above and believe me, I installed them or else my rear wheels would look funky leaning towards the middle of the car.

FYI: The SPC camber link IS the Eibach camber link.  So since they are the same product, I highly suggest you buy the cheaper of the two.

I am positive they are cast from the same mold because my camber links say SPC on them.  haha

To install them is as difficult as a spring install, except you don't have to use a spring compressor which makes it easier.

There's one bolt that holds this black box on top of the rear subframe that makes installation difficult.  This bolt requires the use of a 12mm or 10mm ratcheting wrench. You have to snake your arm up into a tight space and you'll have very little space to move around, but you have to remove this box to back a bolt out...  This was the only hard part I guess, and it's not too bad.

I think it took me 2 hours to install the links.

The beauty of it is I was creative and I adjusted my eibach camber links to be identical to the mazdaspeed camberlinks.

After getting a professional alignment, the tech said my rear camber was within spec.  This is was with S-techs.  I later got prokits and my alignment was still ok.

So anyways, my camber links never needed adjustment.  I just set it to the mazdaspeed camber kit length and all was good.  So this begs the question...  WHY didn't I get mazdaspeed camberlinks?  Well I guess I wanted my camber to be adjustable and who knows if my camber wasn't the same left to right?

I posted a thread on the mazda3forums and there's a distance from hole to hole somebody measured for their ms camber links.  I counted how many turns out to adjust the eibach links to match the ms links, then duplicated the same number of turns on the other eibach camber link.


sstlaure measured the mazdaspeed camber link.  290mm from center of hole to center of hole.  Half way down the thread he posted it.


Pictures of Eibach Camber Kit


Very valuable install walkthrough by BEAN who left us for an S2K.

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