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Mazda3 2.3L OEM CRUSHED Oil FIlter


This is my fourth oil change on my Mazda3...  Well I bought the same filter...  Purolator L15505.

Anyways, I install it and all is fine.  Fast forward about 3000 miles, I take the old filter out, and it coems out looking all crushed!

I then have my NEW L15505 filter with me that I bought at the same store from the same batch.  (Pep Boys)

Apparently purolator put the wrong sized filter cartridge!

It's smaller in diameter, taller than the stock one, and when I torque it back on to spec, the filter got crushed.

I'm not too worried since I think the filter made a good seal, but still...  I wonder if the filter WAS working, or if the spring mechanism is ok, etc...

I have no idea which filter this is...  but it's the black one in the picture compared to a normal L15505 filter which is brand new.  Now should I go back to pep boys and tell them what happened?  They might just say "sorry" and give me a new filter as a replacement.

I hope I didn't damage my engine...  so far the cars been exactly the same.  hehe

What do you guys think?

Lesson learned, is to maybe take your old filter and put it side by side the new filter to make sure it's the right one...  This is something that we shouldn't have to do though...

This is something that's never happened to me with cannister filters... cuz you sort of know right away if it's the wrong filter.


Purolator Emailed me after a week, hehe...

    I have initiated Quality Concern Report 3999 to address your issue.  A retrieval kit will be sent to arrive at your destination within approximately 48 hours.  The pre-paid kit is used to return the filter to our claims lab so that Purolator personnel can examine the product and address your issue.  You may call the Purolator claims lab at their toll-free number 800-848-3783 if there are any further questions.
Tom (Filter Hot Line)


On the correct L15505 filter there is no visible serial or stamped number.  The wrong sized filter had a serial number stamped on it...


On May 4th, I received another email...

       I am e-mailing you in regards to a concern issued for a filter you have , and
        feel that it may have been misidentified. L15505
        Please contact me by e-mail or  @ 1-910-426-6413
        I would like to get the filter back if you still have it so I can verify it.

Janice B. Wheeler
Quality Supervisor
3200 Natal Road
Fayetteville , N.C. 28306
PH # 1-910-426-6413
FAX # 1-910-425-9953

I havn't received my retrieval package, I guess I might now...

I think I'm either going to get Mazda filters at the dealership now.  Or special order PL15505 oil filters, which is supposed to have a better filtration in it than the regular L15505.

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