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This walkthrough is intended as a supplement to guide you through the infamous “snorklectomy.”  Work on your car at your own risk.  Make sure you wanna do this after doing your research.  This install was performed on a 2006 WRX.

 Tools needed:

Flat head screwdriver


10mm socket wrench

Parts inventory:

GP MOTO Intake Silencer Delete Elbow


1.  Pop the hood and remove the intake scoop with 10 mm socket wrench.


2. Start by turning your wheel all the way to the left.  The intake silencer resides in the passenger side fender.  There is no need to remove the front passenger side wheel except to create more work for yourself.

3.  Pop the rivets for the fender liner and splash guard.  Look underneath the bumper.  You should see 2 black pop rivets.  Pop them out by sliding a flat head screwdriver in the slot on the inner screw, and twisting.  Once you get that loose, yank them out.  There are (2) pop rivets under the bumper.  This one…


4. …And this one.  Both are shown with the pop rivets removed.


5.  I wrapped the screwdriver in a small towel with just the tip sticking out to prevent any scratches on the paint. 


6. Pop the rivets on the fender and pull back the liner.  It’s made out of flexible material so don’t be afraid to position it out of the way.  (2) 10 mm bolts hold it in place. 


7.  There are two bolts that hold it in place.  One is located inside the engine bay.  It should be obvious by just looking.  The second bolt is located inside the fender.  To access it, you must be underneath the bumper, peeling back the splash guard, and looking up.  You can access the bolt on the fog light side of the silencer with a deep 10 mm socket.  It just takes some looking.  Once you get the bolt loose, you have to maneuver it out by rotating and turning the silencer.  Note the orientation of the silencer as it is being removed.


8.  I was amused to find a 10 mm socket inside the silencer.  The crazy guys at the dealership must of accidently dropped it in there haha!

9.  The elbow didn’t come with any bolts.  I chose not to use this bolt.


10.  This bolt does NOT fit on the elbow.


11.  I decided to use this bolt instead.  It had to be hammered out of the plastic.  Be careful not to bend or break the bolt of its threads

12.  The wing-nut goes on the engine side.


13.  Position the elbow in the fender and make sure that it connects to the airbox securely.  Once its on, put everything back together and you’re done!


14.  Reset the ECU.  Unhook the negative side of the battery.  Hold down the brakes to drain the remaining juice.  Re-connect the negative terminal.



NO power gain.

Intake noise gain detectable at highway speeds. 

Cannot be heard over exhaust note at wide open throttle.


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