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JDM Design


FI Supports:

Flex Fireproof Series is designed to withstand over 2500 degrees Fahrenheit.  Basically, the copper would flow out of the ends in liquid form before the sleeve would burn.

The problem with these is the materials are very hard to work with, and until we can come up with a good solution, these fireproof wires and extension cords will be special order only and prices will be through quote only.  Feel free to email flexinnovations@gmail.com for more information.

The terminations:

First we surround the entire termination with industrial grade Dupont Teflon.  Why do we choose Teflon? Well not even an 800 degree commercial heat gun can melt the Teflon surround. In addition, Teflon is extremely slippery, avoids abrasion, and is very durable. Teflon heat shrink is only available on our flex fireproof series because the shrinking process required for the Teflon will damage any other type of sleeve.

Then we surround our wires in a very tight and fibrous weave similar to Nomex, though able to tolerate much higher temperatures.

These wires pack serious durability and are the only "fireproof" wires on the market. 


I do not make the claim that these wires will not burn. Technically "anything" can burn at the most extreme temperatures, but lets be realistic, 2500 degrees F is pretty hot.  These wires feel like fabric and have a jet black matte appearance. Hands down, these wires offer the highest level of safety for your car, workshop, or home.

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