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FOG LIGHTS - MAZDA3S Grand Touring 2006 Sedan

I got these from:


although I think they would be cheaper if you bought them for $30 (free shipping) directly from their website.  (the oem bulb is the left one in the picture, while the JDM yellow is on the right)

I was going to get the Nokya Hyper Yellows H11, but decided to try something different and post my results.

These are the Luminics JDM Yellow H11 bulbs, (LYH11F)
They were $26.99 + $2.23 tax + $3 S&H = $32.22 (Priced December 2006)

The install was very easy and I'm pretty sure it took me 20 minutes or less, the bulbs were a perfect fit.  I guess I was lucky and was able to remove the OEM bulbs the first time I tried twisting them.  The only time consuming part is removing the black plastic skid plate that's always removed when I change my oil.  I'm lowered on S-techs and was able to do this without jacking the car too.

I get lexus like yellow fogs now instead of the semi-yellow light from the OEM halogens.

UPDATE:  I've last used these bulbs 6-13-08 which means these bulbs have lasted me almost 2 years and I even use them daily when I drive home at night.

I highly endorse these.

Minoru Tsutsui - Date: 6-13-08

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