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This was my last trip to California Disney Adventure.  The highlight of the trip was when a very young Asian girl unfortunately got her head stuck between the steel bars.  The supervisor and assistant are watching the 4 engineers work at it..  Notice how wide those bars are...  Was that not an accident waiting to happen?

The first method they tried was an air bladder that a loud air compressor pumped up.  The bladder didn't expand enough so that method was a failure.  What's interesting is the genius engineers from the magic kingdom ended up using a hydraulic expander to spread apart the bars to ultimately free her head.  It sort of looked like a hydraulic jack that's function seemed to be to spread apart bars where somebody got their head stuck...  Anyways I had front row seats and video taped the whole thing (Hence the film grain from a screen capture).  Oh, and my mom is behind the wall so she could comfort her.  hah!

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