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Garage Vanity Photos

Design and construction by Chris Tsutsui


Total materials cost run down:

bulletStainless Steel Countertop and sink.  $50 - found on clearance, normal price was $250.
bulletFaucet - $65 - discounted white "Aquasource" pull out faucet from Lowes.  (You get what you pay for and I would never want to use this faucet daily as it's pretty flimsy and cheap feeling.)
bulletPine and Beech hardwood for panels and face frame.  1 full sheet of 1/2" birch plywood, 1 full sheet of 3/4" birch plywood.  $200
bulletKV slides full extension 20" rated for 100lbs (left over from other job, unknown price)
bulletBrushed stainless handles (Bought a box of 100 of these for $15 at a contractor's garage sale)
bulletBlum fully adjustable concealed hinges for inset doors (Bought a box of 150 of these for around 50 cents each from contractor, unknown actual price)

Labor done: 

bulletRun new hot and cold water lines, 1/2" copper sweated pipes with 1/4 turn ball shut off valves.  Insulate hot copper water lines.
bulletInstall new hot and cold ball shut off valves for washer and dryer.  Run new drain pipe and connect to existing washer drain pipe.
bulletDrywall, tape, mud, and paint to match existing wall coloring.


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