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Your Engine hard to start?

 Here's a list of all known problems that could lead to the "Hard to start" syndrome.

Erratic signal to ignition coil
Vacuum leakage
Poor fuel quality
Starting system malfunction
Spark plug malfunction
Air leakage from intake-air system
Erratic signal from CKP sensor
Erratic signal from CMP sensor
Improper air/fuel mixture ratio control
Air cleaner restriction
IAC valve malfunction
PCV valve malfunction
Inadequate fuel pressure
Purge valve malfunction
MAF sensor contamination
Incorrect MAF sensor GND voltage
Restriction in exhaust system
EGR valve malfunction
Pressure regulator malfunction (built-in fuel pump unit)

If you inspect plugs, if plug is covered with black carbon then inspect fuel leakage from injector.  If spark plug is grayish white, then injector may be clogged...  Run a bottle of fuel injector cleaner.

Do you have an intake?  Ddid you advance your timing?

Inspect the MAF sensor/clean it.

Tap on the EGR valve housing, does the engine condition improve?  Then the EGR is faulty.

Battery and starter is probably fine...

There's just maybe a vacuum leak, bad fuel blend, leak in intake or crack...  Or maybe you need new air filter.

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