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DIY Headlight Restoration

With standard detailing equipment.  NO headlight KIT necessary...



1500 grit wet sand paper


Blue Painters Tape


Meguiars PlastX + Green or White Polishing Pad


3M rubbing Compound + Yellow Polishing Pad


Porter Cable DA


Do your headlights look foggy, dull, hazed, or scratched?

Mine started to look hazy due to the bombardment of dust, bugs and sand that hits my headlights.  :(

3M Imperial wet/dry 1500 grit sand paper to the rescue!!!

I used soapy water as a lubricant and some sand paper.  Please make sure you don't push too hard.  You want to remove an ultra thin layer of plastic, not SCRATCH the plastic.

Think "light pressure" and patience.

UH OH...  1500 grit just RUINED my headlights!!!  Now they're even more hazed and foggy!!!  j/k

Well you know what the event horizon is?  Or the point of no return?  Well you just passed it after using sand paper on your headlights.

RUBBING compound to the rescue!!!
I used my porter cable dual action (Random Orbit) polisher, a yellow pad, and 3M rubbing compound.

Two applications of this will get that haze right out!

Ahhh, much better, but I still see a slight dullness...  This is because there's one more polishing step!
PlastX and a GREEN pad.  I suppose you can use a white pad too, but the green Lake Country CSS pad worked fine for me.
WOW - now we are talking...  MUCH BETTER THAN BEFORE!!
HOLY night and day batman!!  Can you tell which one is the before and which one is the after?  I'll give you a hint, the blue tape is on the "before" picture...  ^^

Anyways, my HID's can now shine their brightest and my car looks much better without the FOGGY headlight look.

Keep in mind that this is not for the weak at heart...  I'm a professional detailer and might have made this look "a little" easier than it really is.  So please only attempt to do this if you can afford new headlight housings.

For those that don't have a DA, I'd get one of those $40 headlight restoration kits that comes with pads you can put on a hand drill.

If you don't have a hand drill, or money to buy polish.  Then use tooth paste and and old sock with light circular pressure...  j/k

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