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Maintenance Walkthroughs

bulletHow to jack up a lowered Mazda3 on four jack stands.
bulletATX FLUSH and Transmission Cooler walkthrough (Not just a drain and re-fill)
bulletCoolant Flush
bulletRear Brake Pad Tips
bulletPower Steering Flush
bulletHow to replace your entire dash
bulletMAF sensor cleaning
bulletHow to change your Oil
bulletClean a Cold Air Intake
bulletRecharge a K&N panel Filter
bulletClean battery terminals
bulletHow to lube all locks, hinges, and rails
bulletHow to Rotate your tires

Modification Walkthroughs

bulletSound Deadening Material
bulletCold Air Intake Thermal Wrapping
bulletHow to tint your windows
bulletHow to paint your brake calipers
bulletBig3 Kit Installation
bulletHow to spin-on Conversion
bulletHow to remove a TPMS sensor
bulletHow to get the most out of your warranty
bulletHow to hardwire a Passport X50 Radar Detector
bulletHow to mount and program a ScangaugeII
bulletHow to install badges and sharkfin


Technical Resources
bulletOBD2 - CEL Master List
bulletTSB - Technical Service Bulletin Mazda3


bulletCrushed Oil Filter OEM Mazda3 Cartridge
bulletEngine Hard to Start?

Detailing Walkthroughs

bulletHeadlight Restoration
bulletHow to Detail a show car
bulletHow to Detail interiors
bulletHow to Detail an engine bay


bulletWhat is A/V?
bulletWhat automotive tools do I need?
bulletHow to Solder like an electrician
bulletHow to evaluate a ding, dent, or scratch


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