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I've been a professional part time detailer for about 2 years.

I wish I had taken pictures of more of the cars I've done, but here are a few cars:

  White Land Rover HSE - Menzerna One Step Acrylic, Meguiars Aggressive Red Clay, 303.
  White Mercedes CLK 350 - Meguiars Detailer Line. DP protectant, Lexol Glycerin Rich leather cleaner and neatsoot oil.
  Porsche Carrera 4S - Clay, compound, polish, and Pinnacle Souveran, 303, DP protectant, Vinylex, and Neatsfoot on plastics/interior.


Same Red Porsche - Different year, this time Clay, Polish, and follow with Zaino (Synthetic Sealant)


Land Rover Black - P21S paintwork Cleansing Lotion, 3M polish's, Zaino.
  Mazda3- Menzerna final polish II, Menzerna FMJ
  Beetle TDI 1.9L - 3M Polish's, Zaino



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