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Congratulations and thank you for purchasing the Flex Grounding kit!  We believe we have put together the best grounding kit for 06-07 WRX.  This guide will take you step by step in installing our kit as cleanly as possible in your engine bay.


Tools Required:  Basic Metric Socket Set or wrench set.  (Optional: wire snips/cutter to cut ring terminals if you don’t want to remove certain bolts all the way)

WARNING:  Do not over tighten bolts.  Aluminum is a SOFTER metal than many realize so screws should be fastened “snug” and not overly tight.  If in doubt of your own strength, use a torque wrench along with your owner’s manual suggested torque ratings.

Time for installation:  15 minutes to 1 hour depending on skill level.


The wires are zip tied together in the order they are to be installed. Lay the wires flat. You should see 1 small terminal and 2 big terminals at the ends. Start with the end that has the bigger terminal, furthest from the small terminal (This is also the longest wire in the kit). This is terminal "A"

A. Passenger Side Strut Chassis Wire AB = *
B. Passenger Side Manifold Wire BC = *
C. Throttle Body Wire CD = *
D. Driver side Manifold Wire DE = *
E. Alternator Wire DF = *
F. Negative Terminal of the Battery. *Please Email us if you want our lengths

Locate this bolt on the passenger side strut chassis "A". Remove this bolt. As with removing any bolt, take mental note of how tight it is to loosen. Connect Terminal "A" through bolt. Tighten bolt as tight as it was to loosen. Recommended wire routing shown.

Connect other end to "B" driverside manifold. The terminal that this wire is tied to also goes here. 


Next grounding point is "C" throttle body. This bolt does not remove fully without moving the intercooler. Although you are welcome to do this, a shortcut is to cut the terminals just wide enough to hook on to the bolt once it has been loosened.


Next ground is "D" driver side manifold. Connect all three terminals. 

Remove the alternator cover with these 2 bolts arrows are pointing at 

Once the cover has been removed, locate this bracket. At this point, you should have two terminals left. This is where the bigger of the two goes. Next ground is "E" alternator. Do not remove this bolt all the way. Cut the connector just wide enough to hook on to this bolt. once you've done this, put everything back together.

Finally, connect the smaller terminal to the NEGATIVE terminal of the battery and button everything back up.

(CAUTION:  Make sure not to touch or go near the positive terminal) Install alternator cover, double check bolts and wires aren’t loose, but don’t over tighten them.  Take for test drive.


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