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A message from Chris the Owner

Thank you for visiting our site. I take pride in the quality of our products so if you are not 100% satisfied, please let us know.

Flex Innovations was founded in 2008 by three engineers who worked in the same building.  We may have had different cubicles, but our common interest in cars is what brought us together.

In our first year we sold well over 100 grounding kits with 100% positive feedback. Our design and methods have greatly improved and we feel that we offer THE BEST wires in the industry.

Each wire is hand built and tested by ourselves and we spare no expense on materials. Other than the $5 a month for this website, we have absolutely no overhead costs which is why we can offer all of our kits for less money than you could spend building your own.

Cars are a passion.  Growing up I raced RC cars and have loved cars ever since.
Pictured: 2008 WRX STI RALLY

Tom is head of our Subaru sales and all Subaru kits are hand built in his garage.

Tom sold our first handful of kits on Ebay.

Mazda3 Sedan

The Mazda3 Grounding kit was an instant hit and I received 100% positive feedback from over 30 satisfied customers. Check the Mazda3forums for the multiple rounds of group buys.

About the Founder:

My background is in engineering though I've been an audio video technician for Swank AV in the past. I feel as though my exposure to pro-audio, lighting, and sound has given me inspiration to make some high end wires. I use the same materials and techniques used on my automotive wires as are implemented on commercial wires.  So the next time you see a Flex Grounding Kit, know that the same technology is being used to protect a power cord used for professional "broadcasted" shows.  I will spare no expense to make sure we provide customers with the best of the best.



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