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Construction, Design, and Woodworks by Chris Tsutsui

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In the year 2000, a Danish fine woodworking contractor and I started our own construction and consultation business.  At this time projects included custom speakers and fine furniture for friends and family.  In early late 2008 I began putting together my own woodshop in my 2 car garage and we continue to do construction and design work such as room additions, painting, custom furniture, fences, decking, cabinetry, and doors and windows.

We are also partners with Southern California Landscape Construction and can provide quotes on landscapes, hardscapes, masonry work, or maintenance.  For Southern Californa Landscape construction we have have done outdoor P.A. systems, speakers, home theater, and custom furniture.

Kitchen Facelift

Maple Hall Table

DIY Acoustic Panel

Garage Vanity

DIY Router Table

End Grain Rock Maple Butcher Block

Changing Table

Japanese Oak Knife Block


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bulletTrained under H&N enterprises in Santa Ana
bulletBachelor's degree in fine arts at California State University Fullerton.
bulletFormer Swank Audio Visual professional technician at the Hyatt Regency in Newport Beach.
bulletDemo list of Siegfried Linkwitz for the Orion and Pluto+.
bulletWorked with Danny Richie of GR-Research in the commercial distribution of his AV designs and was approved to be a cabinet reseller for his company GR Research.
bulletI've designed with Dan Wiggin of Adire Audio and built decibel drag competition sound systems reaching 133DB.
bulletMember of Sawmillcreek
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