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My DIY Router Table

Date of completion 4-8-09


This is the best shot I could take at making a router table on my budget. 

I spent less than $500 total on everything including the wood, hardware, and router.  The router was $309 new and the most expensive part.  The router lift and accessories were just $100 from a craigslist list good find.  :)

I originally didn't want to copy the benchdog promax model though my table ended up with similar proportions after I designed it to fit my routers in the bottom, and bit storage for the left and right.  The enclosed PC 7518 gets MUCH quieter which the cabinet door is closed, I am very happy with that.

Table Top Dimensions 32" WIDE x 24" DEEP
Height to top of table = 37.5"

The top is made of two layers of 1.5" thick MDF.  The second layer is glued to the top layer and fits INSIDE the cabinet base.  I used 3 coats of boiled linseed oil on the MDF and then burnished it with 0000 fine steel wool and waxed it with a dry silicone free lubricant.  BTW, I treated both the top and bottom of the table top with the BLO.

The router lift is a Jessem Mast R Lift with top height adjustment, and the fence and hardware is all by rockler.  (Well except for the benchdog fingerboard)

The cabinet and doors are 3/4" MDF construction, I used 1.5" brads, drywall screws, and yellow glue for construction.  I primered the cabinet with Kilz and used a semi-gloss interior paint I had left over from use on my kitchen.

The hinges are Blum Euro hinges.
Router is a Porter Cable PC7518, 3-1/4HP soft start, variable speed.
I attached a heavy duty light switch for on/off duty and put it in a stamped steel box.
The handles are made of solid beech and the hooks on the sides of the router table were $0.25 for a package of 2 on clearance at Ikea.
There is a rockler 2.5" dust port in the fence.

The Harbor Freight Stuff:
$2 Casters with locks (Made in india)
My 89 cent Push Stick (which I will make a better one soon)
Benchtop Brush
Rear Dust Collector Port 4" (from the HF DC accessory package)

Also pictured is my Hitachi KM12VC router I got as an unused/display unit from Lowes for $71 - $10 coupon.

Then I've got my router bits storage on the sides in their cases.

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