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100% Made in USA

JDM Design


FI Supports:

Exhaust manifold gasket blank


Dimensions 4"x6" Rectangle

Instructional Walkthrough for your own CUSTOM gasket:

4"x6" Gasket
Trace Pattern on Gasket
Punch Holes.  If you don't have a punch and die set, then use a drill or hole puncher.
Test Fit and make sure the holes are large enough for the gasket to expand slightly.  Gasket must not buckle, bow, or stretch.
Cut two starter holes for the large diameter circles.
Use Red handled tin snips to cut the large exhaust holes.
Completed Gasket
Test fitment, trim till the inside (exhaust flow area) is FLUSH.  The outside can and should have excess.
Mr. Gasket 5961 is synthetic high temperature self extinguishing material with a perforated metal mesh on the inside.  It is a fine upgrade to any stamped OEM gasket.

I encourage you to buy your gaskets online if buying large gaskets, but if you require a smaller gasket then we sell 4"x6" blank gaskets so you don't have to spend an arm and a leg on gaskets + shipping from other online vendors.

Mr Gasket Ultra Seal 5961

Price $7 Shipped to USA

This gasket has been used on a catless Vibrant header since 2008 and there hasn't been a single sign of failure or leak.

We ship this gasket via USPS firstclass in a bubble wrap envelope so don't expect overnight shipping for a price of $7 shipped.  Thanks


Mr Gasket Ultra Seal 5961

Price $7 Shipped to lower 48 States.  International orders please email us prior to ordering so we can calculate if it will cost extra to ship to your country.  Thanks

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